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I'm an astrology nerd, so for those interested my Top 3 are Taurus Sun, Sagittarius Moon, and Leo Rising. I'm also an Accredited Elite Life Coach, trained in Hypnotherapy and NLP, and I read Tarot Cards!

I truly believe my life mission is to help empower people to see life through a new lens. To take more time for yourself. To move away from the overidentification of the material plane, and to uncover your truest nature and form of self-expression - fearlessly!

I liken it to chipping away at a rock that uncovers the most beautiful crystalline energy on the inside. Unlearning all you've been taught and letting go of what no longer serves you to discover who you are, as an individual, on this planet, in this galaxy, at this time - FASCINATING!

So who even am I? I feel like it's such a loaded question, do we ever really know who we are? We can live and honour our truth but who and what does that even make us? 

We try to compress our essence through words that can't possibly encapsulate the depth behind them. Who we are must be experienced, heard, held, felt and seen! At least that’s what I have experienced for myself. I tend to be a little misunderstood until I am experienced. You have to experience Hannah to grasp her essence – if you get me!

​Anyway, I'm twenty-something and I identify as She/Her. I grew up in the beautiful Hampshire countryside - which having spent the last 4 years in London, I am more grateful for now than ever!​

There is little I love more than my morning coffee or falling asleep in someone's arms. The sun hitting my skin or raw nature between my toes. I'm the gal who goes running outside mid thunderstorm or gets a little too close to the bonfire! Nature in all it's divine essence blows my mind!


I always felt like an outsider growing up. I just couldn't find my place in this world. I struggled in school to make friends. I felt like I was 'too sensitive' to the words and sarcasm of other people. Which all fed my belief that I wasn't enough. I craved acceptance, I wanted to feel wanted by people.

Poetry has been how I express myself for as long as I can remember. Admittedly I lost touch with it for a few years, I lost touch with myself. My youngest memory of poetry is winning a competition in primary school for the new 20mph speed limit in the local village. My entry had a young girl holding a stop sign with the words "Twenty is plenty, if you don't break I will shake". I was 4 when I wrote that! Quite profound even if I do say so myself! My second earliest memory is from about 8-year-old Hannah, memorising Spike Milligan - Ning Nang Nong. I still remember it today!

Nowdays I’m known as the ‘deep friend’, who takes everything too deep! What really is too deep?! Have a conversation about the latest Netflix shows or TikTok dances and I will switch off. Start talking about the universe and whats going on in your life and I’m turned TF on!

I moved to London in late 2016 to continue moving up the ladder in my Luxury hospitality career! I was 22 at the time and felt like a small fish in a big pond. Both at work and outside of work. London WOKE ME UP! It's safe to say that I was a naive, cute, countryside gal before I moved to London and for the first 18 months it sucked the life out of me. I was overindulging in everything that was bad for me! Work, alcohol, pizza, Netflix and I was slowly moving further and further away from myself.
I was depressed and burnt out - something I didn't relise at the time, I just knew something had to change, and I figured that I was the only person who could do that.

My goal was to fit myself into a socially acceptable box so first on the list was to ‘sort out my body!’ I joined the gym and hired a Personal Trainer. This is my ‘before’ picture. Somewhere deep down knew I was about to change my life and I was using this photo as a reference. It wasn't until a couple of years later did I even notice my face and, to be honest, looking at it today hurts my heart a little for the girl who did everything she was told and still felt totally empty. I was a shell of a person, the life was sucked out of me - and I had no idea, I thought that was just life!

inCollage_20210217_172419524 1.jpg

The photo next was taken in June 2020, where I had gone full circle to now working in the gym I had previously joined. I had resigned from a career that required a different version of me. I was about to receive my Coaching and Hypnotherapy accreditation and I was also reading Tarot Cards in my spare time!


All I can say is, everything you experience, every memory you hold onto, every worry, painful situation you experience is happening for you.
It's preparing you to be the person you came here to be. Without feeling like an outsider my whole life, without feeling like I didn't have friends, without abusive and toxic relationships I'd be a completely different person living a different life. It wouldn't be me. So for that, I am incredibly grateful! It means I can see deeper levels to people. I notice energy, I pick up on breath, subtle facial expressions and eye movements. I can really ‘see’ a person, and the more I let myself be seen, I notice the more acceptance it gives other people to do the same.
Healing in Action came because I took action to feel better and in doing so I awakened to the potential of life! I started living life through a new lens, and that's all I want for my clients. To feel happy about the life they are living, have lived and can live! To reclaim their power and sit themselves back in the driving seat! To know better, so to become better! To say a big F-You to the expectations we put on ourselves and that get put onto us and just live, freely each day, honouring our truth, living for us and not worrying about what other people have to think or say!

It's empowering, liberating and smells real sweet! Are you joining?

Thank you for being here, I appreciate you more than you know!

 Hannah xxx 


I am an accredited Life Coach, Hypnotherapist and Tarot Reader with a Spiritual outlook on life.  I aim to make the 'Woo Woo World' more grounded and digestible through my coaching practice. Other Coaching Tools include NLP, Human Needs, Guided Affective Imagery (GAI), Anchoring, SWISH, Mindfulness, Movement and Astrology. My style of coaching is very reflective as it's all to reclaim your power and life! 

If you have any questions or are unsure about what service is best for you, please don't hesitate to get in touch! I'm more than happy to have a chat with you to get a feel for where you're at, and point you in the right direction!

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