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Body Acceptance



Meet your Inner Self

Meer your Outer Self

Meet yourself in another

Liberate yourself

Be Seen. Be Heard. Be Held.

A sensual journey back home to yourself and your body with Rakhi Sachdev & Hannah Apperley


Sharing Circle

Guided Meditation

Mirror Work

Eye Gazing Meditation




“I have struggled with my body image particularly since 2020 and since then I have been on a journey to heal. I felt so called to this workshop when I saw it advertised and wanted to go in with an open mind. Before the workshop I was critical of my body, speaking to it unkindly, focused on perceived imperfections and comparison. Post-workshop I realised how negative I had been towards such a beautiful, reliable, consistent vessel… a FRIEND that has carried me through every single thing I have experienced in life. I am so lucky to have a healthy body. Coming out I felt really strong, empowered and grateful. In the weeks since the workshop I have noticed I speak more kindly to myself and my body. Where I was self-loathing, and may have critiqued, analysed and deleted pictures taken of me by friends, I now embrace them. The amount of head space that has given me is liberating! If you have ever experienced negative thoughts or feelings towards your body, don’t hesitate to step into this space- it might just change your life."

- Sara (January's workshop)


Be in Dialogue with your body through
Movement, Meditation Sisterhood 

Holistic Hypnotherapist, Hannah changed her life through building a loving relationship with her body and it was the catalyst that led her to starting her business.

Rakhi Sachdev is a female body acceptance & embodiment facilitator creating spaces for women & WOC, to heal their relationship with their bodies, reclaim their power & take up space using dance & other body based practices.


"I wanted to attend this workshop to continue on my journey of loving the body I’m in. I never felt truly proud and comfortable in my body nor confident to move my body freely and truly be in love with the body I see in the mirror. I was nervous before going into this workshop - I knew what my intentions were but wasn’t sure how it would turn out. I wasn’t expecting to cry and release but I did, nor experience so much warmth and connection from all of the lovely women but I did. I felt so empowered and uplifted afterwards. This workshop is a game-changing experience when it comes to being proud of the body you’re in. Rakhi and Hannah guide you to being more in tune with your body and to be able to look at it with pride. Since the workshop, I’ve become more grateful for the body I have and see its beauty; my body is for me and its carried me through life. It’s important to nourish and take care of my body so it can take care of me. To be around other women and hear their stories reminded me that I’m not alone.

- Seun (January's Workshop)

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