90 Minute Tarot-led Coaching Session

You talk, I pull cards, we explore!

Included in your Membership is a Monthly 1:1 Bloom Session. These sessions cannot be rolled over into the next month, and must be used each month, or lost!

Bloom is a Bespoke coaching service which is a combination of Tarot/Angel & Oracle Cards and Coaching!

The cards will give us direction, action steps and a reference point for where to channel our session from!



PS: Please only book through this page to avoid additional charges!


Original Tarot Cards - Rider Waite

Moonology Oracle Cards - Yasmin Boland

Animal Spirit - Kim Krans

Postcards from Spirit - Colette Baron-Reid

Goddess Power Oracle - Colette Baron-Reid

The Universe Has Your Back Affirmation Deck - Gabrielle Bernstein


Disclaimer: The reading is intuitive so all decks may or may not be used in your reading.





"Hannah was extremely knowledgable and intuitive and created a safe space for me to react to my reading, and also give my own input about the cards too. The cards really spoke to me and filled me with reassurance and excitement for the year ahead. As well as tarot cards, Hannah also used a couple of other decks to bring clarity to the messages that were coming through. What I cannot stress enough is how warm and inviting Hannah’s aura is: I felt totally comfortable and trusting of her process. Thank you so much, Hannah!"​​

"Thank you Hannah for the absolutely amazing tarot reading.  You touched my soul with the divine gift you have been given, I was and still am in awe!"

"Thank you so much, there was quite a bit of guidance and alignment - you are truly gifted!"

"Thank you Hannah!! I can't believe how accurate the reading is!!"

"Thank you HONESTLY. I appreciate it and the reading resonates so much! WOW! So crazy! I love this so much, thank you!"

"As always, Hannah's readings freak me out because they are so accurate!"

"The reading with Hannah was the best thing I ever experienced! I was always a little sceptical about Tarot readings, but this experience cleared my doubts Right from the beginning. I received an incredibly accurate and detailed reading regarding my life situation, and the reading left me optimistic and uplifted. Hannah made me feel comfortable and calm from the very beginning. Her warm and lovely personality making the whole experience smooth. I warmly recommend her and her services, and I will come back for sure."

"I had the honour to work with Hannah and she is an incredible coach, very passionate and full of surprises! She also uses tarot and motivational cards, every session with her I was mind blown."


I do take pride in my readings for being my own authentic experience with Tarot. I've never actually received a Full Tarot Reading myself, so the way I read is not something I have taken or absorbed from another Tarot Reader, it's just what came through me as I learnt.


Tarot was always subtly in my awareness. On family holidays or at market's I'd always notice the Tarot Stalls and think to myself "I'd love a reading one day!". This happened more frequently when I moved to London, I just never acted on this urge, until a friend of mine announced she was learning to read Tarot Cards. I realised at that moment I was being called to learn how to read instead of be the one to receive a reading.


The rest is history! They do say that you don't find Tarot, Tarot finds you and that's certainly been reflective in my journey.

I started off by using Angel and Oracle Decks, as the connection to my intuition got stronger and my confidence grew I moved onto Tarot Cards. My Tarot Mentor Fiongal Greenlaw (@wellnessfoundry), taught me never to learn from a book, only to, 'say what you see' and that is exactly how I read my cards today!

I have since had the pleasure of reading for hundreds of people all over the world and it's safe to say the thrill in watching my clients soften, become receptive and open as the reading unfolds and hits home it truly what lights me up. I use Tarot as a Coaching tool to help empower my clients to take control of their life. Honestly, it still blows my mind when my clients say how accurate the reading is and how all the different card decks align together.


I am an accredited Life Coach, Hypnotherapist and Tarot Reader with a Spiritual outlook on life.  I aim to make the 'Woo Woo World' more grounded and digestible through my coaching practice. Other Coaching Tools include NLP, Human Needs, Guided Affective Imagery (GAI), Anchoring, SWISH, Mindfulness, Movement and Astrology. My style of coaching is very reflective as it's all to reclaim your power and life! 

If you have any questions or are unsure about what service is best for you, please don't hesitate to get in touch! I'm more than happy to have a chat with you to get a feel for where you're at, and point you in the right direction!