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The Essence (Instagram Post) (Facebook Post) (3)_edited.png

& breatheeeeeeeeeee

you have landed
exactly where you're meant to be

A Spiritual Sisterhood to explore, get raw, be real, heal and gently guide yourself, your nervous system, your mind, body and soul into the safety and love of the greater universe, as we know it...

Full & New Moon Ceremonies
Channelled Meditations
Tarot Wisdom
Coaching Circles 

& so much more that just must be experienced

Guided by the moon here we come together in sisterhood.
explore, get raw, be real, heal.
experience unconditional love.
be a mirror for our collective soul.
expand into your limitless essence.
grasp hold of the cosmic energy and allow it to seep and melt into the very cells of your being.
we are nature, we know it & we feel it.
connected through the cosmos as we meet under starlight.

The Essence (Instagram Post) (Facebook Post) (12).png
The Essence (Instagram Post) (Facebook Post) (3)_edited.png

I see a campfire. I see Moonlight through the trees. I see sisters gathering in Circle. I see blankets and bare feet. I smell the damp forest floor. I smell the earth. I smell the burning wood. I hear the crackling fire and roaring flames. I hear the leaves and the wind. I hear the soulful harmony of sisters in community...

I see, hear, taste, smell and feel The Essence of every single woman there ever was, is and will be...

The Essence is the space for your Essence to be found, felt and explored. For your Shadow to be expressed, witnessed and loved. For your tears to flow and your heart to burst open. 

For your entire being, to come home.

It is birthed from the space I found within myself when I needed myself the most, my essence and became a portal into my new reality.

Dear, Spiritual Sister, Curious Moon Lover, Awakening Goddess...

I trust you. I trust that when you feel the pull of  Your Essence speaking through you, you'll listen. I trust that you know this space is for you...

All my love & see you there,

Hannah xo


When you know, you know, you know...

Full Moon


Weekly LIVE Session with Hannah.
Full Moon & New Moon Ceremonies.
Monthly Collective Tarot Guidance.
Monthly Coaching Circle
Meditation Practice.
Recorded Sessions for Timeless Access
Access to Instagram DM Group.


Can I cancel my membership at any time?

If you join the monthly subscription package, there is a 3-month minimum term. If you opt for the annual package you will not receive a refund if cancelled at any point during the year.

Can I invite others to join?

There will be open sessions sporadically throughout the year where a single session will be open for others to get a flavour. To keep the integrity of the group container and honour the investment made by the other members, unless Hannah has confirmed beforehand, only paying members can join the sessions.

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