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Please take a read through below to get a feel for my work. All of my offerings are transferrable into the workplace, we can create offerings together. Please don't hesitate to get in touch should you wish to collaborate or hire me.



Connect Class; Ice & Breath

In Collaboration with HUMAN

Connect is a health class aimed to optimise and maximise your recovery through the power of the breath and ice. In the human connect workshop, we explored how to integrate holistic health into daily living routines in order to achieve your full potential. The workshop covered the foundations of breathwork and cold water therapy.


The Body Acceptance Workshop

In Collaboration with Rakhi Sachdev

A sensual journey back home to yourself and your body. In Dialogue with your body through Movement, Meditation, Journaling, Mirror work & Sisterhood. 

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Cosmic Cauldron

In Collaboration with DJ & Artist LALUNE

Immersive Music & Embodiment Experience with Cacao. Allow the music to take you on a Journey into the realms of the self. Inspired through our Ancestral and Primal nature, we use Music as the Medicine to access the deeper parts of ourselves, ready to face and transform them into greater love.



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Class Creation for GYMBOX
Kickstarting the year with some self-reflection? Try this inner workout and create the life of your dreams. Through voice activation, guided visualisation, and mirror work, you’ll manifest the confidence and self-belief to meet the version of yourself you were always meant to be. Get ready to take a good, hard look at yourself.


Commitment Therapy 
Elephant and Castle & Victoria

In Collaboration with GYMBOX
We designed the class based on using Hypnotherapy and Group Sharing to commit to your Gym goals and New Years Resolutions. The class was scheduled to run for 6 weeks, and due to popular demand ran for 14 weeks over 2 locations.

Some weeks we would have a waitlist of 20 people, with many attendees setting alarms on their phones to ensure they got a spot.

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Mindfulness & Somatics

The Lodge Space, Canada Water


A class inspired by my own personal journey. A space for you to push through your comfort zone, creating more space for play. 

Voice Activation, Mindful Movement and Theta Meditation, for your to activate the energy within your body, alchemise that through movement, and settle down through meditation.


follow my drum on instagram @GitatheDrum

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Kirtan Bonanza, Unity Through Song 

Hired as a drummer for "Kirtan Bonanza, Unity Through Song," an uplifting series led by the enthusiastic graduates of Nikki Slade's 2023 Learn To Be A Kirtan Leader programme.


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Kirtan with Lisa Daopraky 

Hired as a Drummer to accompany Lisa in her regular Kirtan classes.

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Gather in Love X The Lodge Space
A series by Abbi Coleman
Abbi hired me to be present in the space for assisting energy work, holding space and percussion. 

Gather in Love is a monthly breathwork event to bring us humans together to connect and flow through the power of our Breath, the medicine of Cacao & just being real people together.


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The Essence

A Spiritual Sisterhood to explore, get raw, be real, heal and gently guide yourself, your nervous system, your mind, body and soul into the safety and love of the greater universe, as we know it...

An online membership that consisted of Weekly calls. Monthly Tarot Readings, Full and New Moon Ceremonies and Guided Meditations.


The Meditation Circle

A weekly online Global Meditation Community to collectively raise the global consciousness together. Reaching from people all the way in Iowa, USA, we gathered together weekly to 'get juicy in our consciousness'.

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Be Hapé Drum & Fire Jam

In Collaboration with The Lodge Space

Main event organisor and Hapé facilitator.

From Handmade Jewelry, Cacao, Homemade Curry, Tarot Readers, Ecstatic Dance, Stick N Poke Tattoo Artists, Open Mics and Freestyle Jams and an open fire pit, we wanted to create an experience that encouraged authentic connection and celebrated businesses and artists within our local community, whilst also giving our wider community a sober experience to remember.
Infusing the beautiful plant medicine of Hapé. A wonderful meditative, grounding medicine that strengthens the spirit inside the earthly realms.

Read more about Be Hapé


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The Healing in Action Oracle Deck

One day I was reading through my old journals and I started writing down extracts from the pages that I felt were really powerful and resonated very deeply.  I have now created these journal extracts into this beautiful 55 Card Oracle Deck.

In this deck, you will find prompts, poems and affirmations that will speak directly to your soul and that will carry and guide you on your spiritual and personal development journey.



Consultation Call

Sit down, get cosy, make a cuppa and let's chat & get to know each other.

More info



Remember your true self. Heal from emotional, mental and physical pain. Create ease and comfort through change. Unf**k your brain after a period of introspection.

More info


Rest & Recharge Guided Meditation

Rest and Recharge in the Theta Brainwave State.

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Let me guess, you're ready to feel empowered, inspired and to take your life to the next level?

Do you wake up with feelings of frustration, despair or hopelessness?

Do you find yourself riddled with shame, comparison or guilt?

Are you feeling overwhelmed at sustaining your current pace, or underwhelmed at your day to day life?

Do you experience anxiety, have low self esteem, doubt yourself often or live in comparison of others?

Or maybe you're ready to feel empowered by life and take it to the next level?

You are ready to evolve. Sometimes change can feel scary. We don't know who we are going to become and we love familiarity. No one is free from suffering, it's just part of being human, but how long you suffer, and how you respond to those feelings is your responsibility. It's okay not to know what to do and to feel stuck, that's why I am here.


Book in a consultation call today and get in touch.

It's the first step that matters the most.

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