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I am grateful to say that I have had the opportunity to work with overing 500+ individuals over the years through various offerings from workshops, classes, corporate and private clients. Each person holds a special place on my journey, both as an individual and an entrepreneur that I am deeply grateful for.

Hear from some of my clients...



Body acceptance workshop


the essence


commitment therapy


I am beyond proud of myself and incredibly grateful for where I am AND for the sessions I've had with Hannah, and how that's guided me. In our last session, I felt all our past sessions interweaving together into this present version of me that I'm stepping into. Hannah has helped me in how I view my family relationships, helped me in romantic relationships, career, self growth and so much more. To sum up some big change and aha moments: I got a new job and almost doubled my salary, in my new job I am appreciated and valued for the work I do, I judge my family less for their beliefs and now recognize the mirror I'm holding when I look at them, I notice how important my logic is to me and allow space for it, but I'm learning to live from my heart space, I realized my current boyfriend isn't one I wanted - so I ended it, I learned to love the parts of me that are people pleasing and am now working to find a balance between that and being selfish, I am accepting who I am as different and beautiful, and unique, I speak more confidently about my spiritual gifts, I'm shifting my perspective on this plan I've had in my head - and that's okay. I'm fully surrendering to the Universe's plan for me and allowing the correct timing to play out.


Ok so, during the first lockdown I was a pretty together person. I had a few things that would bug me, but nothing that affected my life too much and I lived a very happy life. Lockdown 2 came along and it was like a truck, it hit me hard! I came out the other side a different person, my anxieties were exacerbated and I felt normal everyday things to be a huge task. I tried CBT for a while but that didn’t seem to help, I know it to be so good for some people, but for me it just didn’t help. I happened to see an advert for Hannah on a local Facebook group and it just really stood out to me, I immediately contacted Hannah and explained what I was going through and she responded very quickly and we arranged a meeting. I was nervous, but as soon as Hannah arrived she put me at ease and talked to me just like we’d been friends for ages. It didn’t feel clinical or like I was a patient, it just felt nice. In some sessions we just talk, in some sessions, Hannah does hypnotherapy with me. My main anxiety is around driving, so we’ve even spent sessions in the car. Within weeks she got me driving on a stretch of road that was anxiety triggering for me and my mum threw her arms around me and said “I LOVE HER” because, believe me, this was a big deal. Her work is invaluable to me, and it’s honestly changed my life. If you’re at all struggling with anything I would wholeheartedly recommend her. She’s even been talking about going longer between sessions and I can’t cope with that. Thank you Hannah for helping me, you are one in a million!

Hannah was invaluable to me and such a worthy investment in myself. She was patient and kind and I owe her so much for helping me work through my blockages. Incredible at hypnosis and made me believe and guide me to become the best version of myself. I'd recommend her to anyone struggling. Thank you hannah ❤️

Working with Hannah was extremely helpful. I came away with clear clarity about how to proceed regarding my career. Hannah was very personable and easy to get along with, she has a good ear with great ability to tap into the nuances that makes us who we are and what we want from life. This quality makes her unique. I am really pleased we connected.

Working with Hannah has literally saved me as a person.. before I met Hannah I didn’t see a light at the end of the tunnel. I never left the house was always very low, always negative.. having millions of panic attacks a day. Now I’m a new person, I know how to leave the home, I'm so much more positive than I have ever been. I am isolating with covid and even that can’t put me down. I SEE LIGHT I CAN'T WAIT TO FINISH ISOLATING so I can get back out there and finish my Christmas shopping. Now I get excited about doing things. If it wasn’t for Hannah I wouldn’t be where I am today. Trust me she’s just AMAZING. Everyone NEEDS a HANNAH in their LIFE. I just wish I met her sooner than I did. But the time was right when I did meet her. She’s a fantastic listener, great with advice, makes you feel so relaxed. I literally don’t know how I’m ever going to thank her. I’m so so grateful, thank you so so much from the bottom of my heart you are an AMAZING LADY.

Over the last 3 months, I have become more aware of my thoughts and feelings. I am a strong and resilient person. I am sensitive and very self-aware, which is a good thing but also makes me prone to overthinking and anxiety! I am now more able to sit with them and understand them rather than reacting to them and distracting from them. I have not engaged in any extreme sabotaging behaviours and I am much more emotionally stable and 'free'.  I have a greater understanding and greater control of my actions and how they make me feel. My relationship with my partner has improved and is more stable and there is more understanding and more communication. My relationships with the family has also improved. The business has increased and is the busiest it has been due to me having more consistency. I have more stable energy with less fatigue. I am less stressed and a little more carefree.

I feel like our sessions really have given me so many breakthroughs and so much clarity in my business direction. I can feel it elevating me to the next step. I have you to thank a lot for it!

Our sessions began with my goals and objectives followed by many reasons why I will not conquer them any time soon. After some very thought-provoking questions from Hannah, it was clear many of my goals could be achieved with very little to do. Hannah put me on the spot in one of our sessions and asked if I would send an email to commit to one of my goals. I felt nervous yet empowered and so I did. Weeks later I was in my hired studio teaching my first Yoga class. Hannah has a way of understanding and accepting you, yet holding you accountable to yourself. I am very grateful for my time with Hannah as it led to a chain of events meaning I am now organising my own yoga retreat! :) 



If you ever decide to have Hannah as a coach, get ready for this;


  1. Be prepared to transform!

  2. Be ready to embody the new woman you will become!

  3. You will end up just walking in bliss, thinking “have I really changed and overcome things like that” you’ll see life from a completely different perspective!

I just recommend to every woman, if you need a coach she’s your girl!

There’s actually so much to say but I don’t know how to put it into words because it’s actually the feelings, the emotions and my thoughts that have gone through the biggest journey ever. I feel so much more in control of my thoughts, it’s just been amazing and I don’t want it to end. 


Hannah was amazing. I felt like I was stuck in such a rut, and felt so far away from myself. I reached out to Hannah and we spoke once a week, she made me feel like I could be me again, she made me feel more confident and powerful, and she is a great listener! She also probably saved my relationship as well, just by allowing me to feel confident to speak out. Thank you so much, Hannah, I'll always recommend you!


Hannah has bought a positive view of me in my personal life. I have been struggling with my mental health & physical well-being. Hannah has been helping me target those issues and become a better me. For someone to take time to help out an individual through their struggles is an amazing thing. I've never trusted anyone with my personal life but Hannah has made me feel welcomed and cared about. This was my chance to say I am very grateful that Hannah came into my life.


I’m so glad you came into my life a year ago! You made me see a lot of things differently with your energy and mindset. You’ve really helped me grow and show my vulnerable side which by the way many people have not seen, I find it difficult to let down the wall. I opened up to you quickly because of the person you are. I’ll never forget the lessons you have taught me and how much you helped me when it came to controlling my emotions and fears on my presentation and facing everything head-on.. it’s okay to feel, just don’t let that feeling control you... ground yourself... I’ll never forget that!​


I had the honour to work with Hannah and she is an incredible coach, very passionate and full of surprises! She also uses tarot and motivational cards, every session with her I was mind blown.


Having you coach me about me my million and one life crisis and my situation you gave me guidance and hope a blessed me in ways I never thought was possible. Thank you so much I will be back in touch you are genuine and lovely and amazing, thank-you so much. I warmly recommend her services, and I will come back to her for sure should I have another issue on my agenda.


The reading and coaching with Hannah was the best thing I ever experienced! I was always a little sceptical about Tarot readings, but this experience I warmly recommend her and her services, and I will come back for sure. It cleared my doubts Right from the beginning. I received an incredibly accurate and detailed reading regarding my life situation, and the reading left me optimistic and uplifted. Hannah made me feel comfortable and calm from the very beginning. She has amazing experience and knowledge in astrology, tarot reading and coaching. Her warm and lovely personality makes the whole experience smooth.

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