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Hear the whispers of your potential calling, 

feel into the edge of what's possible...


lean allll the way in!

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I'm Hannah!

Holistic Hypnotherapist, Certified Life Coach, Tarot Reader & Community Creator. I’m on a mission to help people bridge the gap into their potential. To connect deeply to their highest self and to face, love and integrate their shadow. Like a bridge; I create and hold space for individuals to face their depths, reach their heights and safely experience the whole spectrum of their life. So you don’t have to settle, so you can become the person of your dreams and you can fall in love with the process of evolution and growth.

Holistic Coaching & Hypnotherapy

You want to live without limits. You want to pursue your dreams. You want to create opportunities for yourself. You want to explore new things and learn new skills. You're ready to face your fears and dream bigger. You're done with having a risk-free life, with playing it safe. You're bored and know you deserve so much more...

New Services page coming soon, in the mean time feel free to get in touch for any questions or book in your session below;


Liberated Woman



In collaboration with Body Acceptance and Embodiment Facilitator, Rakhi Sachdev

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An online Spiritual Sisterhood to guide yourself, your nervous system, your mind, body and soul into the safety and love of the greater universe, as we know it...


Full & New Moon Ceremonies, Tarot Wisdom, Guided Meditation & more...

Can you to imagine being the drop in the ocean, and ride one of the ripples as it gains momentum and creates the tidal wave of change over your life?

Feel into the never-ending depths of your being,
expand your horizons - create new horizons,
and find peace in your being and nervous system
with living at the edge of your comfort zone.


The Healing in Action Oracle Deck

A 55 Card Oracle Deck of Channelled Musings, Poems, Prompts and Affirmations extracted straight from my personal journals. The messages on these cards came through me, for me when I needed them the most. Now here they are for you. May this deck enter your orbit at the most divine time. May you use this deck as an anchor along your spiritual path. May this deck become a part of your rituals and act as an extension of the one collective, universal soul. Claim yours now, or gift them to your friend, sister, mum or colleague.

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More about me...

The turning point in my life was when I connected to my body through joining the gym. Suddenly the detrimental internal dialogue was becoming empowering, and I found my inner strength. I liked being a walking contradiction. How can the tiny 5” 2 women be lifting that much weight? I liked the fact that my mere existence questioned stereotypes, that I pushed boundaries and forced people to question their belief systems, most importantly – my own.

A Journey of a Thousand Miles begins with a Single Step.

- Lao Tzu, Chapter 64, Tao Te Ching

A different journey stays in your comfort zone, scrolling through insta looking at the 'I wish' of your life, doing the same things, knowing it's no way near your potential.


No journey is wrong, but which journey would you rather look back on and say, 'that was my life'.

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